How to Address Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be tricky. Especially when you try to follow all the "rules" that go along with them and realize they are way different than sending any regular ol' piece of mail.

When I was planning my own wedding I realized how confusing addressing the envelopes could be at times. Sending an invite to a traditional husband and wife duo is easy, Mr. and Mrs. XYZ, but what do you put if the wife is the doctor and the husband isn't? What about the four guys who are all roommates and all being invited? What if the roommates are sisters? Those are some of the situations that can be tricky. 

The Solution

Thanks to Google and a bunch of different resources, I was able to figure out (for the most part) what I was doing. But then I thought, hey, what about the rest of the brides out there that are struggling with the same thing? 

Well lucky for you, I have a solution.

Say hello to the Wedding Invitation Address Etiquette Guide. I took all the things I learned when addressing my own invitations and compiled it into one, easy to use resource for you (and BONUS it's absolutely free!) 

The Guide 

To be completely transparent, this guide might not be for everyone, but it is a great stating point! I'm from the South, and if you are too then you probably know the importance of being proper and traditional. This guide is definitely that. 

It's designed to guide you through almost twenty scenarios you might run into when addressing your envelopes and tells you what to put on the outer and inner envelopes - like I said, it's along the lines of traditional. 

While outer and inner envelopes aren't for everyone - honesty hour, I didn't use two envelopes for our wedding suite - it's still an awesome resource. Plus, the outer envelope rules still apply (for the most part) even if you don't have an inner envelope! 

Don't Forget 

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter if all of your envelopes are perfectly addressed. You and your love are about to set off on the best adventure of your lives and all that matters is you enjoy the ride! 

So, download the guide and let it help you when setting up your spreadsheet to send to your calligrapher, but don't get too stressed about it. Although your great-aunt twice removed might care if her envelope is perfectly addressed, most guest won't be upset if you accidentally slip up. It's not worth losing sleep over and with your big day coming up, you don't need to lose any more sleep than you have to! 

Get the Guide

Get the guide here.

Print it out and put it in your binder or keep is as a digital copy and reference it along the way! 


Oh, I almost forgot to mention! At the end of the guide theres a BONUS sheet with ten extra tips on addressing your invites. So go ahead friend, download your free guide