The Newborn Collection | Semi-Custom Heirloom Birth Announcements

After my niece was born, my sister asked if I would want to design her birth announcement. The answer: um, yes, of course! But while poking around for inspiration it didn't take long to realize most of the announcements available were pretty lacking.

Big box stores had some cute designs, sure, but they seemed so manufactured. Like they lacked human touch. Plus, I was beginning to realize how limited these announcements really were. Once you received one what were you supposed to do with it? Hang it on the fridge for a while before sticking it in a drawer?

That just didn't sit right with me - birth announcements are celebrations of new life! Of a whole little person! Surely that deserves more than mass produced cards, right??

That's what served as the initial inspiration for The Newborn Collection. I wanted to give new parents a way to celebrate their bundles of joy with a truly thoughtful and intentional announcement.

One that wouldn't be thrown into a drawer but placed in a keepsake box.
One that felt personal.
One that featured removable or loose photos that could be framed!
And, most of all, one that would become an heirloom. 

So that brings us here. The launch of The Newborn Collection. My labor of love to celebrate your labor of love (like, literally). Six template designs to be customized by you for your newest addition. I'm really excited to finally be sharing these special birth announcements with you and I hope they help all you new or expecting parents celebrate your little ones in a way that feels intentional and, of course, in a way that helps you connect with those people you love most.