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Paper Options

Single Thick Cut Edge
110# cotton card stock features clean, straight edges and a soft, fine matte texture which makes it a classic choice for a go-to paper.

Double Thick Cut Edge
220# cotton card stock features the same texture and clean edges as the single thick but with twice the paper weight. This heavy paper makes for an extra-luxurious experience!
Please note, this stock is only available for letterpress. 


Handmade paper is textured to the touch with natural deckled edges. Due to the artisan nature of handmade paper, there will be differences and imperfections between each sheet. While some find this adds to the beauty of the product, handmade paper is not recommended if you are looking for extreme consistency.
Please note, handmade paper takes an additional two weeks for production. At this time, all handmade paper colors are available in A7 and A6 announcements only. 5" announcements coming soon. 
*Sea fog, pale blush, and storm cloud are available for letterpress printing only.  

shown left to right: single thick cut edge, double thick cut edge, & handmade

shown left to right: single thick cut edge, double thick cut edge, & handmade

Photo Printing: All photos will be printed on either bright white or soft white 110# smooth stock. 

envelope options

Cut Edge Envelopes
All envelopes are cut-edge card stock featuring crisp, smooth edges and euro flaps.


*Please note, the light pink envelope color is not the same as pale blush handmade paper. While they are both beautiful shades of pink, we do not recommend using them together.

shown are pale grey and light pink with address stamp add-on

shown are pale grey and light pink with address stamp add-on

Typography Options

Baby Name Variations
To help keep the collection cohesive and not overwhelm you with too many options, the base font for each announcement is a beautiful and classic serif font. You do, however have the choice to show your baby's name in either the matching serif font or a beautiful script. If you're interested in all-custom typography please reach out about a custom announcement design.


Embellishment & Add-on Options

Wax Seals
In-house wax seals are a beautiful touch to finish off your announcements. When purchased alone, they will arrive as a pre-poured self-adhesive sticker, ready to be placed on your envelopes. If you choose to incorporate twine or a vellum wrap + assembly, the wax seal will be poured and pressed by me in the studio before being shipped to you. 





Vellum Wraps 
Plain vellum wraps can be added to your announcement and topped finished with a wax seal, paper thread, or a combination of the two.

Return Address Stamps
While I love the address stamps available through our normal shop, our collection stamps are designed specifically to coordinate with your announcement plus be used for many years to come! Shop the coordinating stamps here.